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So life?

On a temporary stop in my travels, after having taught English in Senegal which was incredible. I was terrified in my first class, faced with 55 16-21 year olds with zero respect for me but once we started using songs as a way of covering the syllabus their passion shone through. It was nothing short of incredible. Though my spoken French has improved vastly in terms of fluency, grammar has taken a beating and I need to head to my Dad's in Paris to try and iron that out next summer.

Right now just floating between a few naff jobs waitering. Realised I'm horrifically under-qualified to temp and finally took the hint after rejection from agency number 10... I'm now trying to scrape enough money together to backpack around China, should be doing that in August with the boyf which I'm really excited about.

Love is amazing. I feel like my life is validated, I love Jordi so much. Of course he can be a twat, but then I just find his twattery endearing which only confirms how I feel.

I think taking a gap year turned out to be the best decision ever. I feel like I've grown so much as a person, I feel confident and ready to beat the shit out of uni.

In terms of life direction? I'm happy with where I'm studying (Though the word Oxford will always provoke a narrowing of eyes and clenching of fists, hahaha) and have realised that somehow I actually find law fascinating. NERD. I either want to work in Human Rights or in the Music Industry, so bit conflicting, either way my third year will hopefully be spent in Athens.

Also giving being a singer a go. My Aunt manages Eliza Carthy and the Pogues, she's been collecting original material and I'm going to try sending an album to some record labels. Embarrassing but true, it'll just wind up a glorified hobby but it's been fun A+Ring loads of catchy pop (mostly crap) to try and find a few great tunes.

So that's a life update.

How are you? xxx
Wow Joe! I wish I were doing exciting things like that! I want a signed copy of your album! :'D