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I'm posting here just because this is such a relic to a specific set of years in my life and I wanted something to follow; it's for myself really I guess!

What happened in my life since I last posted?

In a nutshell...

I finished the gap year. I'd fallen in love. I went to university to do law and spent three years there. I did quite enjoy the study, but during this time I got really heavily involved in theatre and singing, and wound up applying for drama school. I got into the Royal Academy of Music and studied voice there.

A month into the term, my five-year relationship ended in Rome. I think I poetically wrote something about it being 'a city of ruins'. I'm still not over Jordi though it's been more than a year, and fill the void by having a very active but vacuous love life. I do hope to find someone I can connect with meaningfully, but it's proved harder than I thought.

Drama school was strange. It was an aspiration, a dream I held on a pedestal, but the experience itself was highly disillusioning and very tough. I learnt so much and I don't regret that, but I left feeling much more uncertain than I ever did before.

Still, I think I'm happy with myself generally. My voice is in a good place, not a great place, and I'm OK with that. I've been on a strict bulk-up diet and gym schedule for about six months now and am pleased with the results, hope to see more in the New Year. I commit to quite an intensive skincare regime, have pretty high maintenance hair, but this all makes me happy for the moment. Vanity is my homeboy.

Right now my aspirations are strange. I've been out of drama school and acting work for a couple of months since a contract in Dubai ended, but have some promising leads on the West End production of Jersey Boys. I hope to be in that show by the time I'm 27 as an understudy for Frankie Valli. I've gotten into the habit of saying that I WILL be in that show. Because I'm going to bend over backwards to make it happen, otherwise what's the point?

Because money is tight, and classes aren't cheap, I work full time in Tiffany & Co. at Harrods, but am looking for part time work in the new year. The luxury environment is cool for me, I'm a sucker for wearing a suit to work. Still, it's strange to be among people who aspire to be in retail when for me it's more of an outlet and a learning experience.

I'm also hoping to write: a comedy series, a farcical musical, a horrific fairy tale. Let's see what, if anything, gets completed?

I don't see why anyone would read this, but if you do, hope things are going well wherever you are. And to me, if you read this in the future: Right now I feel a bit lost and free from direction. Hope you've got more of a sensation of having taken the wheel and that we did what we planned to, or very-near killed ourselves trying.
Hey guys, Hope everybody is doing great.

Once again haven't updated this in a long long time but just thought I'd put a quick update here.

Just got back from China, which was the best place I have ever been! I'd recommend it to anyone, flights may be expensive but once you get there everything is ridiculously cheap. Highlight had to be this photo (Did require a £50 minimum donation to the panda sanctuary to have it taken, but was so worth it):

Also if you're interested, I recorded a couple of songs, first takes should hopefully be clickable below. The slower one got rejected from Will Young's album, I haven't written them and they're a tad cheesy but I like 'em!

You Know Your Way Around Me


I go to uni in 2 weeks also, bit scary!

Hope everyone's great xxx
So life?

On a temporary stop in my travels, after having taught English in Senegal which was incredible. I was terrified in my first class, faced with 55 16-21 year olds with zero respect for me but once we started using songs as a way of covering the syllabus their passion shone through. It was nothing short of incredible. Though my spoken French has improved vastly in terms of fluency, grammar has taken a beating and I need to head to my Dad's in Paris to try and iron that out next summer.

Right now just floating between a few naff jobs waitering. Realised I'm horrifically under-qualified to temp and finally took the hint after rejection from agency number 10... I'm now trying to scrape enough money together to backpack around China, should be doing that in August with the boyf which I'm really excited about.

Love is amazing. I feel like my life is validated, I love Jordi so much. Of course he can be a twat, but then I just find his twattery endearing which only confirms how I feel.

I think taking a gap year turned out to be the best decision ever. I feel like I've grown so much as a person, I feel confident and ready to beat the shit out of uni.

In terms of life direction? I'm happy with where I'm studying (Though the word Oxford will always provoke a narrowing of eyes and clenching of fists, hahaha) and have realised that somehow I actually find law fascinating. NERD. I either want to work in Human Rights or in the Music Industry, so bit conflicting, either way my third year will hopefully be spent in Athens.

Also giving being a singer a go. My Aunt manages Eliza Carthy and the Pogues, she's been collecting original material and I'm going to try sending an album to some record labels. Embarrassing but true, it'll just wind up a glorified hobby but it's been fun A+Ring loads of catchy pop (mostly crap) to try and find a few great tunes.

So that's a life update.

How are you? xxx
Feeling a bit unsettled and wishing I was home a little longer, but Senegal beckons on Saturday!

Spent last weekend checking out Durham castle, which will be my home for the next 3 years. It's rather amazing, pictures here:

Just got back from nearly 2 months in Barcelona, and am feeling great especially now my life has a proper direction- i.e. up North to the frosty turrets of Durham! Right now I'm hoping to specialise in human rights law and then try and get an internship and eventual job at the UN. Big long-shot especially with the British male demographic, but try I shall!

Spain was interesting! Managed to lose my credit card like a twat 4 weeks into the language course so had to stop and illegally stay in a South African girl I met there's accommodation. Was then discovered and outed, meaning I spent a week living in Jordi's uncle's apartment who was on vacation and didn't know Jordi had copied the key. Finally, by some miracle on Valentine's Day got introduced to Jordi's parents and despite the language barrier they invited me to stay for the week. His Dad scrapes by in a business selling fish to Ibiza. His Mum was educated under Franco, meaning that she is a domestic goddess but never had the option to study for a degree. They are both incredible people. Now that Jordi is properly 'out' too everything just seems so comfortable and right.

So I have 9 more days in England before I go to Senegal to teach English. I'm really hoping this will push me into the lands of fluency in French so I can focus fully on Spanish! A little apprehensive that there won't be many fellow volunteers there, but other than that I'm desperate to get back to Africa. It's an amazing country, with incredibly genuine people and I'd recommend it to anyone.

In other slightly bizarre, pipe-dreamy news, my Aunt the music producer is insisting I record some material and send it round to record labels. No hopes at all, but it could make for a really interesting experience if nothing else!

Apologies for the continuing shite quality of these posts, I'm not very good at this! But voila, another update on my life. xxxx
Just got an Unconditional off Castle (University) College, Durham. Meaning that I am one of the 5.4% who get law offers. Meaning I´m one of the 170/4,000 successful applicants. Meaning I will be living in a UNESCO world heritage site, a father-facking castle!!!!!

I am so over the moon, any bitterness about Oxford is going to be hardened into resolve and determination. I have been really down for the past 2 weeks, but now I´m starting to think it´s their problem and loss if they don´t want me. I really think the next 3 years will be the time of my life (4 if I successfully make it onto ERASMUS!) Media law, hopefully here I come! :D

Gah, got my rejection at 1pm on Xmas Eve!

More gutted because of how horrible they were at interview, the decision to contact me on the 24th and the wording of the letter than the actual gesture itself. Still, none of my posse at interviews got in either, so we're all in the same boat.

Plenty more fish in the sea, c'est la vie, here's hoping Durham will want me! :) xxxx
Been a while!

Oxford interviews were pretty traumatic. All 28 of us had identical interviews with the same two sources, both judgements by Denning relating to liability when suing for damages. I definitely answered all the questions they threw at me, but this was often met with comments like 'AT LAST!' and when I left one of them said 'Another victim leaves our chambers...'

So no idea how it went. Everybody there for the 3 days found it very stressful, and whilst I would love an offer I'm completely expecting a rejection. Will know by the 24th, aaargh!

In other news, things are going amazingly with Jordi. He's coming over here on the 20th, then I head back to Barcelona for 5 weeks on the 28th. I genuinely love him like I've never loved anyone, and I'm really happy with how things are turning out, long distance or no!

Looking forwards to getting back into some serious travel. After Barcelona I do my 3 months in Senegal, then I'm looking for a job in the South of France, and hopefully if funds will permit either Canada or Asia will top it all off. Am totally broke at the moment!

Generally feeling really cheerful, not even that Oxford rejection will phase me too much! Haha xxxx
Ok...just a brief uni update.

Got an unconditional off Warwick, meaning I can now say for certain I am studying law next year :D

Also have an Oxford interview on the 10th...ooo er. Will keep you posted on how it goes! xxx
Sat the LNAT today, was 30 horrific multiple choices although some very interesting reading. Don't even find out my result 'til February so it's out of my hands. Also had a great essay section, 'Should schools produce children who are proud of their country?'

Tomorrow is both my birthday (Big one nine, 18 was far too awesome and I'd like to be it for another year!) and the start of my inter-rail adventure! Take care all xxx