Been a while!

Oxford interviews were pretty traumatic. All 28 of us had identical interviews with the same two sources, both judgements by Denning relating to liability when suing for damages. I definitely answered all the questions they threw at me, but this was often met with comments like 'AT LAST!' and when I left one of them said 'Another victim leaves our chambers...'

So no idea how it went. Everybody there for the 3 days found it very stressful, and whilst I would love an offer I'm completely expecting a rejection. Will know by the 24th, aaargh!

In other news, things are going amazingly with Jordi. He's coming over here on the 20th, then I head back to Barcelona for 5 weeks on the 28th. I genuinely love him like I've never loved anyone, and I'm really happy with how things are turning out, long distance or no!

Looking forwards to getting back into some serious travel. After Barcelona I do my 3 months in Senegal, then I'm looking for a job in the South of France, and hopefully if funds will permit either Canada or Asia will top it all off. Am totally broke at the moment!

Generally feeling really cheerful, not even that Oxford rejection will phase me too much! Haha xxxx