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Hey guys, Hope everybody is doing great.

Once again haven't updated this in a long long time but just thought I'd put a quick update here.

Just got back from China, which was the best place I have ever been! I'd recommend it to anyone, flights may be expensive but once you get there everything is ridiculously cheap. Highlight had to be this photo (Did require a £50 minimum donation to the panda sanctuary to have it taken, but was so worth it):

Also if you're interested, I recorded a couple of songs, first takes should hopefully be clickable below. The slower one got rejected from Will Young's album, I haven't written them and they're a tad cheesy but I like 'em!

You Know Your Way Around Me


I go to uni in 2 weeks also, bit scary!

Hope everyone's great xxx
Your songs are great! Sing in your British accent though!!