I'm posting here just because this is such a relic to a specific set of years in my life and I wanted something to follow; it's for myself really I guess!

What happened in my life since I last posted?

In a nutshell...

I finished the gap year. I'd fallen in love. I went to university to do law and spent three years there. I did quite enjoy the study, but during this time I got really heavily involved in theatre and singing, and wound up applying for drama school. I got into the Royal Academy of Music and studied voice there.

A month into the term, my five-year relationship ended in Rome. I think I poetically wrote something about it being 'a city of ruins'. I'm still not over Jordi though it's been more than a year, and fill the void by having a very active but vacuous love life. I do hope to find someone I can connect with meaningfully, but it's proved harder than I thought.

Drama school was strange. It was an aspiration, a dream I held on a pedestal, but the experience itself was highly disillusioning and very tough. I learnt so much and I don't regret that, but I left feeling much more uncertain than I ever did before.

Still, I think I'm happy with myself generally. My voice is in a good place, not a great place, and I'm OK with that. I've been on a strict bulk-up diet and gym schedule for about six months now and am pleased with the results, hope to see more in the New Year. I commit to quite an intensive skincare regime, have pretty high maintenance hair, but this all makes me happy for the moment. Vanity is my homeboy.

Right now my aspirations are strange. I've been out of drama school and acting work for a couple of months since a contract in Dubai ended, but have some promising leads on the West End production of Jersey Boys. I hope to be in that show by the time I'm 27 as an understudy for Frankie Valli. I've gotten into the habit of saying that I WILL be in that show. Because I'm going to bend over backwards to make it happen, otherwise what's the point?

Because money is tight, and classes aren't cheap, I work full time in Tiffany & Co. at Harrods, but am looking for part time work in the new year. The luxury environment is cool for me, I'm a sucker for wearing a suit to work. Still, it's strange to be among people who aspire to be in retail when for me it's more of an outlet and a learning experience.

I'm also hoping to write: a comedy series, a farcical musical, a horrific fairy tale. Let's see what, if anything, gets completed?

I don't see why anyone would read this, but if you do, hope things are going well wherever you are. And to me, if you read this in the future: Right now I feel a bit lost and free from direction. Hope you've got more of a sensation of having taken the wheel and that we did what we planned to, or very-near killed ourselves trying.